Decades of Expertise

We love New York City and are proud to be part of what makes it shine! for decades, customers have praised and remained loyal to Gelmu’s Cleaning for their weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly needs.

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Customer's Satisfacion

Our dedication to exceptional quality and customer satisfaction is so strong that some clients voluntarily pay more than our asking price. Their generosity allows us to uphold high standards while still offering competitive rates.

Qualified Cleaners

We never send an unqualified cleaner alone. If a cleaner isn’t up to our standards, she helps a main cleaner, no matter how experienced she is elsewhere.

Quality Cleaning

Gelmu's Cleaning is a family-owned housekeeping team who take pride in providing excellent service in New York City. Our customers have kept us as their weekly, bi-weekly or monthly home/Apartments cleaner for years now.

Reasonable Price

Our flat rates include the estimated cleaning time plus an extra 30 minutes as a contingency. Most clients don’t incur additional charges; only a few have paid an extra for excess work.

Realistic Cleaning Timing

Our estimated cleaning times are highly realistic. Thanks to solid training and years of field experience, our cleaners consistently deliver top-notch quality within the allotted time.



11 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003

We’re on call 24/7


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri 09:00 AM- 10:00 PM